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The situation of the village is so sequestered that a common saying of the country folks is as above. The phrase is the title of the following lines composed by Stewart A. Robertson, M.A., Stirling High School, and are supposed to be spoken by a husband to his wife, both natives of the " Kingdom," dwelling in New York:-

"Oot o' the world and into Kippen"
Eh! Jean, d'ye mind the braes

That rise sae bonnie frae the carse?

D'ye mind the summer days

When you and I were bairnies there
And never thocht we'd be

Sae far frae hame in this far land

Across the saut, saut sea?

"Oot o' the world and into Kippen"
The folks wad laugh and say
Losh keep me! lass, hoo things come back
It seems but yesterday

Since you and I forsook the braes

And owre the waters came
To settle in this weary land
Sae far, sae far from hame.

"Oot o' the world and into Kippen"
 Eh ! Jean, that that could be?

There isna ocht I hae on earth

But I wad gladly gie

 If only we could tread again

The paths where ance we ran

Where the heather grows on Kippen Muir

And the braes abune Boquhan.

Oot o' this world o' noisy streets

Into that place o' calm
Where to the hills men lift their eyes,

D'ye mind they sang that psalm

The Sabbath we were kirkit there?

Aye, fifty years are gone

But ye were then the bonniest bride

'Tween Kippen and Balfron.

Oot. o' this world o' unkent things
Oh ! that we baith could win!

And hear the pee-weep on the hills

And see the yellow whin
And see the bonnie gowans smile 

As if they kent us a'
And welcomed us to oor ain land, 

The best land o' them a'.

"Oot o' the world and into Kippen" 
Jean, lass, it ne'er will be

The burnie's waters ne'er run back
Nor buds the uprooted tree. 

The fecht o' life for us is past 

Forfochen wi' the fray
Oot o' the world and into-------rest,

Ere lang we baith shall gae.

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